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  • The actual simplest way to obtain a brand new SSL Certificate is from your own private Web Hosting Control Panel. It is not necessary to create a brand new account with a different provider and waste your time waiting for several days for the SSL to become published – it all occurs in no time.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • If your main domain name is hosted in a enterprisehost.net account, you can easily choose to get your SSL certificate automatically set up. The intelligent system is to take on all the hard work and you will not need to handle typical setups.

  • 24x7 Suport
  • 24x7 Support

  • Whenever you have any concerns or need help whilst configuring your SSL certificate, we’re right here for your needs. The 24x7 support is comprised of knowledgeable tech professionals and it is reachable 24/7/365. And, the regular reply time frame is below 20 min.

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $19.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00

SSL Services with enterprisehost.net

An SSL certificate places a very functional protection coating to your website. For those who are the owner of an Internet store and receive fees, then an SSL Certificate is actually a must considering that it will dramatically boost the customer’s confidence in your site.

With enterprisehost.net, you can get yourself your new SSL Certificate from your own web hosting Control Panel. And if your domain name is hosted in your enterprisehost.net account, we’ll immediately configure the SSL Certificate for you. No extra setup or manual setting are necessary.

Aside from the standard SSL Services, there is also a Wildcard SSL certificate. The Wildcard SSL Certificate can be placed on many hostnames simultaneously. This is very useful if you’d like to safeguard quite a few web sites together.

SSL Services, both normal and wildcard, that you can get at enterprisehost.net, come with a proper 2048–bit encryption in addition to a $10 000 USD guarantee.You will get an SSL certificate with all of our web hosting services – Linux shared hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting and Linux dedicated hosting.

Whois Privacy Protection

Protect your private registrant info

From your Control Panel, you’ll be able to effortlessly protect the WHOIS information associated with your domain, which, by default, is exposed online for everybody to see. You just have to request the Whois Privacy Protection functionality to be enabled for your domain name and then your registrant details, including your name, e–mail and street address, will be instantly substituted with fictitious information.

This particular service is available with the majority of the generic and country–code Top–Level Domains offered on our web site.

Whois Privacy Protection

Multiple Domain Control

Multiple domain administration done right

Working with our Domain Manager is rather easy, regardless of whether you have one or many domains to administer. Via its easy–to–work–with interface, you can pick numerous domain names at once and renew them (for one or multiple years), change their name servers or alter the WHOIS information associated with them in no time.

In the event that you also have a web hosting account with enterprisehost.net, you will be able to manage both multiple domain names and multiple web sites at once from one and the same location.

Multiple Domain Control

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Easily register an array of domains

Registering several domains consecutively can be a challenging activity. This is the reason why enterprisehost.net offers a bulk domain registration tool integrated into our web hosting Control Panel. It enables you to quickly register multiple domains at once.

You’ll be able to order Whois Privacy Protection, to update your WHOIS information, to choose whether to host the domain name in question under your web hosting account or not.

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Domain Parking

Domain name parking designed very easy

You can park a registered domain by pointing it to one of enterprisehost.net’s two domain parking themes – Under Construction or For Sale. The domain parking procedure is really easy and will take effect instantaneously. You will be able to park as many domain names as you need. And if you need to un–park the domain – you can accomplish this operation with only one click.

Plus, you can modify our two domain name parking themes using custom images and text in order to make them more personalized.

Domain Parking

Domain Locking

Give protection to your domain names from fraud

By locking your domain, you will able to safeguard it from unsolicited transfers. By doing this, anyone who attempts to trigger a transfer of your domain name to some other domain registrar will be momentarily blocked.

And if you need to transfer the domain name to some other registrar yourself, you can unlock it with a single mouse click. The domain locking/unlocking option is available in the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel. Simply choose a domain name and then click on the Registrar Lock icon to lock or unlock it.

Domain Locking

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Speedily set up location–based redirections

With the GeoIP redirection tool incorporated into the Domain Manager, you will be able to point a given language version of your website to a given geographical market. It has an intuitive point & click interface where you don’t have to fill any code. Just specify the place of residence of your future website visitors as well as the URL that you’d like to open for those visitors.

For example, if you’ve got a German version of your website at de.your–site.com, you should type it in the URL field and then choose Germany as a preferred destination market. This way, when a visitor from Germany goes to your website, they will see de.your–site.com and not your–site.com.

GeoIP Redirection Tool
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